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Lifetime Membership - Your membership will not expire!

One-Time Fee - Once you become a member, you are locked in. You will never be charged again. There are no monthly or yearly fees!

FEN Indicator ($250 value)

Gann Time Clusters Indicator ($150 value)

Cycles Predictor Indicator ($150 value)

MQL Trade Copier EA ($75 value)

FREE Kinesis Funds ($25 value)

Forex Zone forum VIP status - Take advantage of your VIP STATUS with it's extra perks.

Future released Forex-related products - Get any future Indicator or EA we release FREE without ever paying. This includes any future products from any of our websites.

Future member-only benefits - Get any future benefit which may be added for FREE. This may include bonuses or promotions available exclusively to members only.

Custom coding jobs - We only accept new coding jobs from our members. Job requests from non-members are rejected. So as a member, you have the possibility of getting custom coding work done. We offer faster response times and lower quotes than other coding services.

Some Details:

● There is a ONE-TIME fee of $250 (or equivalent) to become a member. It is not a monthly or yearly recurring bill. Pay once and you are done!

● There is no expiration date on your membership.

● There is no complicated sign up process to become a member. Simply pay below and you will automatically be considered a member.

● We do not require personal information to become a member other than an email address which is only used to communicate with you about membership benefits.

● There is no back office or portal for members to login to. Everything is simply handled via email. Once you are a member, just email us whenever you want to receive an included benefit.

● To receive the indicators mentioned above, as well as any future products, you should request them since they will not automatically be sent to you. Not all members will want to use all products. So you should specifically request whatever you want to use.

● To receive the free funds to your Kinesis.Money account, you will need to have opened the account using the link on this page. That way, a fast and direct account-to-account transfer can be sent.

● Please email us from the same email address which you used originally when becoming a member. Or else we may not know who you are. Emailing from the same email address will speed up response times and help avoid confusion. If you got a new email address though, no problem. Just let us know your membership number and old email address and then the email address tied to your membership will be updated.

● If you would like another payment method other than Paypal, review the available payment methods and let us know your preference. Then instructions will be sent so you can complete payment.

● There are NO REFUNDS. So be serious before paying. If you have any questions or concerns about membership or an included benefit, please ask before paying.